Tooth-colored fillings give patients an option that will fill cavities without detracting from their smile.

Composite Fillings
Las Vegas, Nevada

For years, dental patients have relied on metal-based fillings to fill cavities, but in Las Vegas, NV, Dr. Jeremy Crew offers patients innovative tooth-colored fillings to restore their smile. Amalgam fillings, or metal-based fillings, used to be the only option for filling cavities, but these fillings often lead patients to feel self-conscious about their smile.

Tooth colored fillings, commonly known as white fillings, are composite dental fillings that restore teeth while mimicking the natural appearance of the tooth’s structure. Patients suffering with oral pain due to dental decay will seek out their dentist for a filling. Tooth-colored fillings are used to fill cavities in order to prevent further decay—thus restoring a patients’ smile.

In addition to tooth restoration due to fracture or decay, tooth-colored fillings at Las Vegas Dental Care can also be used to cosmetically enhance a patients’ smile. This composite material can be used to alter the size, color and shape of teeth. Often patients will undergo treatment with tooth-colored fillings in order to close gaps between the teeth, repair chips or cracks, or to make their teeth appear more even.

The Procedure

Dr. Jeremy Crew will begin the procedure by numbing the area with a local anesthetic. Then, any decay in the affected area will be removed and the area will be cleaned. Once properly cleaned, an adhesive will be applied, followed by layers of the composite material. Once the cavity is properly filled, a specialized light will be used to harden, or cure the material in place. The procedure takes slightly longer than an amalgam filling, however patients can still restore their smile with tooth-colored fillings in a single dental visit.

Benefits of Tooth-colored Fillings

Today, when a patient requires a filling, most choose tooth-colored composite fillings. Instead of metal alloys, which are used in amalgam fillings, composite fillings are typically made of porcelain or microscopic glass in an acrylic base. Patients greatly benefit from this type of filling because they are match to the color of your teeth, making them virtually invisible. Those Las Vegas, NV patients looking to restore their smile without the unsightly look of a metal-based filling, consider tooth-colored fillings at Las Vegas Dental Care.