When a denture wearer experiences problems with wearing their dentures, then they need to have them repaired or relined.

Denture Relines
Las Vegas, Nevada

Here are just a few complications denture wearers face: loose fitting dentures, broken dentures, not able to speak or chew food properly, not enough support for face, lips or cheeks. Denture relines in Las Vegas, NV are simple. Most repairs and reline services can be performed in one day or while you wait. Dr. Jeremy Crew in Las Vegas, Nevada offers both soft or hard denture relines. You can have comfortable dentures that rest against your gums. Dr. Jeremy Crew in the Las Vegas area offers patients a comfortable and family friendly environment for a variety of dental services.

Within the first three to four months after extractions, the gums will shrink. After the extractions have been completed, the patient is fitted with dentures. After gums shrink, the denture wearer must get their dentures relined to fit comfortably. When teeth are extracted, the tissue experiences breakdown at the cellular level. It is when the first three to four months after extractions that denture wearers experience this resorption which requires them to have their dentures relined. Denture relines in Las Vegas, NV provides their patients with a complete guarantee. Gum tissue will experience a change in density and shape after teeth extractions. This is what causes new denture wearers to experience loose fitting dentures. Denture relines are the right solution for this problem.

Soft Reline

If you are a denture wearer with bone resorption still taking place, then a soft reline will be just what you need. Dr. Jeremy Crew’s office in Las Vegas, NV offers patients partial denture and complete denture services. Soft relines can be completed in the office the very same day. It is a quick procedure that will provide you with comfortable dentures.

Soft reline advantages include the dentures being relined during your appointment, comfortable fitting dentures with guarantee. One possible disadvantage may include more fine tuning due to the soft porous nature and may be required to be relined in a lab and you will may be without your dentures for a short time.

Hard Reline

A hard reline is completed with adding more material onto the denture base. This leads to a permanent reline fix that will last for years to come. Hard relines can be completed during your appointment or in a lab. Some complications may occur with fit and heat transfer so it is recommended that hard relines be completed in a lab. Denture relines in Las Vegas, NV can complete soft or hard relines in the office. Denture relines in Las Vegas, NV are an effective solutions to ill-fitting dentures. Cracked dentures can be repaired saving you the cost of having to get a complete new denture.

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