Many times, when people think about dentures, they imagine their grandparents removing their teeth before they eat.

Partial Dentures
Las Vegas, Nevada

Although traditional dentures in Las Vegas, NV seem to get a bad review, denture technology has made significant improvements in the last 50 years. Patients can now receive treatment for either full or partial dentures in the Las Vegas area that replace damaged, broken or missing teeth.

Partial dentures in Las Vegas, NV are for people who need several teeth replaced but not the full arch. These dentures mainly include replacement teeth that are attached to a gum colored base, held together by a metal framework. Although partial dentures do give patients a reasonable method of replacing larger amounts of teeth, there are still common problems that still affect the dentures. So this is why both removable and fixed dentures are available.

We Offer Fixed and Attachable Partial Dentures For Your Convenience

Fixed partial dentures in Las Vegas, NV are an excellent solution for people who want the look and feel of natural teeth. The partial denture is set in place with a dental implant. The implant is embedded into the jawbone, where it provides support for the denture, similar to the root of the tooth. Then the partial denture is attached to the implant, holding it firmly in place.

Although many patients prefer the benefits of a fixed denture, they hold back because this option does not allow them to be removed. If this is holding you back, you may want to think about a denture attachment for partial dentures. This is latest innovation in dentures available. These dentures give patients a snug, precision fit, and the option of removing the dentures when needed. They are attached to the implant, with precise fittings. The attachment comes with O-rings that fix them to the partial denture. This makes it easy to remove the denture whenever you wish, giving the flexibility of a removable denture, with the stability and support of a fixed denture.

See If Partial Dentures Are Right For You

There is no need to struggle with a traditional denture, when you have so many new technologies available for reliable function and comfort. See your local dentist today to look at your options for partial dentures; Las Vegas, NV.